Even though my art is realistic, I strive for a feeling more than a figurative resemblance. When choosing a subject I seek an expression that I want to develop and reinforce. I often find this in pictures of children and animals, which are recurring subjects in my work. The feeling I tend to come back to is a kind of melancholy. As a subject, children and animals are fascinating, because they are usually far from that kind of expression and I’m captivated by the twist that arises when adding a darkness to something sweet and innocent. I work with pencil, oil, charcoal, ceramics and various graphic techniques. I have previously studied at Dômen Art school in Gothenburg.

Today I have my studio in Jönköping, Sweden. I am also an active member of two associations in the city, Konstnärsföreningen Dymlingen (The artist association Dymlingen) and Föreningen Konstgrafiker i Jönköping (The Association of Art Graphics in Jönköping). Both associations act in Konstnärshuset Svavel (The Artist’s House Svavel), a member-driven art gallery and graphic arts studio.